God's Covert Agents

God's Covert Agents
Apr 2016 - Oct 2016

As soon as you begin reading the Bible you encounter spies. Undercover agents explore God's Promised Land and bring their secret intel back to God's people. Danger, darkness, clouds and mystery fill the pages of Scripture. But, how do these things apply to you? In this series we discover the secret ministry that God has called you to.

Sermons in this series

God's Covert Agents
Sun, May 08, 2016
Duration:1 hr 6 mins 55 secs
God chose an insignificant and unknown woman to birth one of the most extraordinary warriors in history. In this message, you'll discover that God still works wonders and does the impossible. Is anything too hard for the Lord?
God's Covert Agents
Sun, Apr 24, 2016
Duration:52 mins 34 secs
What is the secret to great strength in God? Discover the answer through one of God's original undercover agents.
God's Covert Agents
Sun, Apr 17, 2016
Duration:1 hr 8 mins 35 secs
God has called you to a secret mission. It is only through this covert mission that his visible plans can be fulfilled.
God's Covert Agents
Sun, Apr 10, 2016
Duration:55 mins 50 secs
What is God's plan for you? How can you unlock it? In this message, I talk about my recent visit with my Mom who is battling terminal cancer and teach how you can be an overcomer.
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