Church on the Park is relaxed and relational. Worship is simple and acoustic. Dress is casual. The children are free to be children and there’s a great children’s park within eye-sight.

Parking is not a stress––there’s plenty around us.

The teaching is based on God’s Word and our goal is that each individual and family senses God’s love and grows in a healthy environment. We are a church family that loves one another.

More About Us

Our church has three main goals: 1) to make a positive impact on our community and city, 2) to gently and respectfully introduce people to Jesus and his powerful Kingdom, and 3) to provide a spiritually healthy and safe environment for families and individuals to grow in their faith.

At Church on the Park you will find sincere and uncomplicated worship, real people who are not trying to put on a show, and passion for God’s life-giving Word.

We believe that God loves everyone no matter who you are and that he is able to do far more than any of us can ask or imagine. All it takes is faith to connect us to God’s unlimited power and salvation.

Come join us on Sunday 10am. We would love to meet you.

For more information about our other ministries please see

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