2 Peter: A Blazing Faith

2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Mar 2013 - Nov 2013

Peter's second letter is short but potent. His purpose is that believers in Jesus would grow strong in their faith and not be led astray by influential but false teachers. In this series we will take a journey, discovering how you can grow mature in your faith and steer away from the potential pitfalls along the path. This book will add fuel to your faith so that it is blazing and a blessing to others.

Sermons in this series

2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, Apr 21, 2013
Duration:52 mins 48 secs
Peter begins his second letter by blessing his readers with an abundance of grace and peace. He knows from experience that God's abundance is essential to going the distance in our spiritual journey. Discover how you can walk in the richness of God's grace and peace.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, Apr 07, 2013
Duration:43 mins
God wants us to have a blazing faith, not a blasé faith. In this first message on 2 Peter we explore the subject of faith and how precious it is.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, Mar 31, 2013
Duration:48 mins 46 secs
When the power of the Holy Spirit came upon Peter, he didn’t preach that God would make them more powerful, more wealthy and more attractive. Instead, his message centered around one thing––Jesus lived, died and rose again. Jesus is Lord and God wants you to turn to him and submit to him.
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