2 Peter: A Blazing Faith

2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Mar 2013 - Nov 2013

Peter's second letter is short but potent. His purpose is that believers in Jesus would grow strong in their faith and not be led astray by influential but false teachers. In this series we will take a journey, discovering how you can grow mature in your faith and steer away from the potential pitfalls along the path. This book will add fuel to your faith so that it is blazing and a blessing to others.

Sermons in this series

2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, Jul 07, 2013
Duration:30 mins 49 secs
God wants you to be genuinely happy and his Word gives us the way. Explore the treasures of Psalm 1 in this inspirational message about God's heart for you and your family.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, Jun 30, 2013
In Acts 12:1-19 we see the power of prayer. Peter was in a hopeless situation, but the church was earnestly praying. As a result, Peter miraculously escapes prison. We should realize our prayers are powerful too.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, Jun 23, 2013
The message of the Bible and of Jesus Christ is not a cleverly devised story as some may think. Peter was an eyewitness of Jesus’ power and glory. But even more than that, God has given us his written Word that prophesies well beforehand Jesus’ coming and power. God said it, recorded it and did it––so we can be sure of its reliability.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, Jun 16, 2013
Remembering who God is, what he says and what he has done is essential to being “effective and productive” in your relationship with Jesus. When we stop remembering, we start going backwards, even if we don’t realize it.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, Jun 09, 2013
God’s grace is what transforms people’s lives. Like a pair of sporty traction shoes, grace gives us strong grip, enabling us to walk in God’s way. When the message of grace is distorted, it is like the greece on the floor of a fast food chain. Cheap grace causes us to slip and slide, ultimately falling. There is no audio to this message, just a discussion guide.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, May 26, 2013
Duration:50 mins 24 secs
It’s a journey from faith to love. Faith is the beginning; love is the destination. In this message, you will learn about the qualities needed for the journey.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, May 19, 2013
Duration:36 mins 41 secs
It takes strong spiritual muscles to love people like Jesus loved them. And just as physical muscles grow through effort, spiritual growth takes effort––it doesn’t come automatically. Learn how to grow in love.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, May 12, 2013
Duration:50 mins 45 secs
Knowing Jesus is the greatest adventure on earth. As you continually discover Jesus––his heart and ways––you are empowered to live and do the Father’s will.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, May 05, 2013
Duration:55 mins 54 secs
Scripture is filled with many great and precious promises, but we often are heart-broken as we wait for them to be fulfilled. In this message Anna Gerhauser explores the subject of God's promises and how to fight for them.
2 Peter: A Blazing Faith
Sun, Apr 28, 2013
Duration:57 mins 22 secs
The Scriptures teach us that Jesus has power over every area of life we face. Nothing is too hard, no problem too difficult for him. He has granted us everything we need for life and godliness.
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